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Hoops Challenge!

Home for the Holidads

We attempt to fill the void of an absent dad by extending his reach by giving a bit of joy to his children and families by presenting gifts on behalf of the incarcerated dad.

In addition to the gift giving, throughout the day we will have a youth basketball clinic, father/child competitions, and a workshop for the parents.

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Create the Best Legacy for Your Family!

Be a part of the NextLevel Fatherhood program to learn how you can be the best version of yourself alongside other trailblazing fathers.

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offering Atlanta dads!

Free Legitimation Assistance!

Learn about legitimation in the State of Georgia, get your county's legitimation package and free services.


Fatherhood is Brotherhood

If you are a Dad in the Atlanta Metro area age 18-40 with a child 16 and under we want you! 

Join the community of other dads as they learn, share, and grow together with the NextLevel Fatherhood training.

Tribe of Brothers

Become a part of a tribe of brothers navigating the challenges of parenting

Share Experience

Share your experiences and get insights from other fathers participating in the program

Community Development

The training aims to create a strong and long-lasting community of fathers

Resources and Support

Go To The Next Level and Remove the Barriers in

Child Support

Visitation Assistance



Life Coaching

NextLevel Fatherhood

Get Access to Opportunities

In 2020, Fathers Incorporated (FI) was awarded a Healthy Marriage Promotion and Responsible Fatherhood Grant worth $5 million, is geared to impact 900 dads in the metro Atlanta area.

Growth and Opportunities

As participant in this powerful training, dads will have access to world class learning programs, impactful life coaching sessions, life-changing goal achievement strategies and critical fatherhood resources.  

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What’s Happening at Fatherhood is Brotherhood

Be Involved in the Fathers Incorporated Ecosystem

Fatherhood is Brotherhood

Hone your skills

Participants will receive vital training in the areas of emotional management, critical systems navigation, relationship communication and leadership development.   

Gentle Warriors Academy

Gentle Warriors Academy is the professional development and training curriculum division of Fathers Incorporated. While we have an intentional focus of strengthening families one father at a time, we are dedicated to serving both parents and their families.

Get exposed to what truly matters!

Are you having a hard time balancing work, family, and personal life, especially in this pandemic? Do you want to unlock your next level of growth and capability?

You-Focused Design

The NextLevel Fatherhood training is crafted into 10 modules and spreads across 10-weeks of learning for members.

Major societal issues such as employment, incarceration, child support, and co-parenting, to mention a few, are hotspots on the program’s schedule.

Therefore, it serves as an excellent place for dads who are trying to navigate these challenges.

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Gentle Warriors Academy

Join The Fatherhood Is Brotherhood Community

As the core arm of positive cultural and social change, Fathers Incorporated, Gentle Warriors Academy (GWA), works tirelessly to help dads across the country become responsible fathers.

About Fathers Incorporated (FI)

Established in 2004, FI has a unique seat at the national table, working with leaders in the White House, Congress, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Family Law, Business, Faith-Based and the Responsible Fatherhood Movement.

Unlock Your Next Level of Growth and Capability