Alumni Profile Highlights

Christopher Copeland

Favorite Modules: 

Next Level Fatherhood – Conflict Management
Next Level Life Skills – Consistency
Next Level Life Skills – Communication

Never get a second chance to make a first impression – Readiness and No Procrastination! – Coach Larry Ritter

Donquanel Shaw

Favorite Modules: 

Next Level FatherhoodConflict Management
Next Level Life SkillsExpectations and Prioritizing
Next Level Life SkillsIntegrity
Next Level Life SkillsCommunication

When you feel like you have to fight your battles you don’t have to god will fight your battles for you every time.

Landon Walker

Favorite Modules: 

Next Level FatherhoodValues and Morals
Next Level FatherhoodFatherhood 101
Next Level Life SkillsOrganization and Structure

Keep moving forward and keep my head up.

Stephon Reynolds

Favorite Modules: 

Next Level FatherhoodVisioning
Next Level FatherhoodFatherhood 101
Next Level Life SkillsConsistency

If I stop at every dog that’s barks at me I’ll never make it to my destination.

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